Achievement Gap is Real: Deborah Vandell

The Achievement Gap is Real

As the founding dean of the education school at the University of California at Irvine, Deborah Vandell's research on the value of after-school programs shows that sustained participation in after-school activities during kindergarten through fifth grades is linked to higher math scores, with low-income students reaping especially large benefits. Participation in high-quality programs was also correlated with higher grades and a better work ethic. Explore her research and the following studies at this site:

  • The Achievement Gap is Real: New Research Shows Afterschool is a Real Solution Linked to Closing the Gap
  • Longitudinal Studies of Participation in Structured Activities and Other Out-of-School Settings and Youth Developmental Outcomes
  • Participation in Out-of-School Settings and Student Achievement and Behavior Outcomes
  • Afterschool Program Quality and Student Outcomes: Reflections on Positive Key Findings on Learning and Development From Recent Research