Engaging Governors

About Engaging Governors

Governors are the lead policymakers in the state. They set budgets, advocate for legislative and policy change and are the central figures for communicating statewide policy changes to the public. Making meaningful connections with governors and their staff is an important step for statewide afterschool networks to advance their policy agendas.

Key Information

  • Afterschool and expanded learning as a political gubernatorial priority can shift after electoral turnover
  • For afterschool to be a priority after elections it needs to become a priority during campaigns
  • Governors are more likely to support afterschool and expanded learning programs that align with their agendas
  • It is better to promote cooperation amongst afterschool partners rather than compete for the resources

Strategies to Engage Governors

  • Identify a policy agenda for your statewide afterschool network that focuses on requests for legislation that improves the quality and access of afterschool and expanded learning opportunities
  • Identify key data points that support your case for requesting the policy change and create data-based rationales for why afterschool and expanded learning opportunities enhance the state’s efforts to improve K-12 education
  • Align your statewide afterschool network’s policy agenda to the governor’s priorities
  • Do not expect to get a lot of time with the governor—make your case and follow up with the appropriate advisor
  • Relationships need to be rebuilt with every electoral turnover

General Publications

This report suggests seven strategies that can help state leaders boost ELO quality to better support children, families, and communities.
A definitive roadmap to state agencies, policymakers, and other key stakeholders to leverage resources that can improve and expand afterschool and summer programs.
A report highlighting many of the more successful state ELOs and making recommendations for governors and other interested policymakers.

Network Publications

A policy brief that desribes the current state of afterschool and summer programs in Arkansas.