Financing Plans

About Financing Plans

Developing a strategic financing plan involves estimating the fiscal resources needed to sustain initiatives, mapping current resources that support initiatives, identifying gaps in funding and analyzing a range of funding sources and financing strategies to meet fiscal needs. Effective financing plans include the formal process of developing a plan as well as the informal and non-fiscal strategies and resources that statewide afterschool networks use to support their work.

Key Information

  • At least eight statewide afterschool networks have completed formal strategic financing plans
  • Strategic financing plans help networks to match the best possible funding opportunities to the best possible uses for that funding
  • Certain expenses lend themselves more to one type of financing source or strategy than another

Strategies to Support Financing Plans

  • Clarify “financing for what”
  • Estimate fiscal needs
  • Map current funding
  • Assess funding gaps
  • Identify and prioritize funding sources to meet your needs