Links to School Improvement

About Links to School Improvement

Afterschool and expanded learning can be a vibrant part of school improvement planning. It is important for statewide afterschool networks to link their work to school improvement efforts because the bulk of education funding at the federal level goes to improving low performing schools, and networks need to position themselves as part of this work to be eligible for funding. School improvement grants have set the stage to include expanded learning in their definitions and networks need to be proactive about making such links.

Key Information

  • Afterschool and expanded learning programs that are closely linked to what happens during the school day produces higher quality programs.
  • Research positively links quality afterschool and expanded learning programming with student outcomes regarding behavior, attendance and academic efficacy.

Strategies to Support Links to School Improvement

  • Familiarize yourself with your state’s priorities: What has the superintendent listed as priorities and where are the potential links to afterschool and expanded learning? This will help you position yourself as an ally and asset to their work.
  • Create a presentation on how afterschool and expanded learning programs in your state are helping educate students.
  • Research how your state intends to improve its school systems and how afterschool and expanded learning can link to that work.

General Publications

A brochure addressing structural and functional components of community schools as a vehicle for afterschool success.
TASC Expanded Learning Time is a strategy to educate our persistently lowest-performing students far better than we do now and to bring sustainable reform to urban public schools.
This report summarizes the discussion at a Wallace Foundation national forum of leaders in education, afterschool programming, government and other areas to discuss expanding learning time for disadvantaged youth.

Network Publications

A brief overview of how 21st Century Community Learning Centers are making a difference in Oklahoma communities.