Digital Learning

About Digital Learning

Learning doesn't just happen inside classroom walls. It occurs in schools, at home, in afterschool programs and online. Through the use of technology and a blend of online and onsite learning opportunities, young people become the center of the learning experience. Digital learning provides youth with the opportunity to work at their own pace and in their own way. With access to digital resources, learning can happen anytime, anywhere.

Key Information

  • Afterschool and expanded learning can be linked to school, community and home through the use of digital learning.
  • Digital resources (especially open education resources) can make curriculum design and planning much easier for afterschool and expanded learning educators.
  • Digital learning can increase engagement and ownership by youth.
  • Assessments are often embedded in digital learning resources, providing an additional way to determine skill and content mastery.

Strategies to Support Digital Learning

  • Provide access to technology that is not segregated to a computer lab or technical club time. Find ways to embed technology into all learning experiences.
  • Make use of mobile devices that youth already bring to the program.
  • Provide staff with digital learning toolkits and best practices.
  • Encourage school, parent, youth and community participation in planning and decisionmaking efforts.
  • Advocate for policies that support digital learning at the state and local level.

General Publications

A document outlining key issues and an action agenda on improving learning opportunities through CBO-school partnerships that leverage blended learning.
Digital Learning Now! is a national campaign to advance policies for high quality digital learning environments to better prepare students to succeed in college and careers.
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A toolkit to learn about examples of digital learning programs in the out-of-school space and obtain information on additional practices these programs can use.