Florida Afterschool Network (FAN) Announces New Partnership with US Tennis Association

February 27, 2014

After-school Tennis Partnership with USTA Florida, Florida Afterschool Network (FAN)

Florida_Afterschool_Network_logoThe USTA Florida Section of the United States Tennis Association and the Florida Afterschool Network (FAN) in February announced a partnership that will expand after-school and out-of-school tennis opportunities for elementary and middle school-aged youth.

"The Florida Afterschool Network is proud to enter into a partnership with USTA Florida that will provide more students with expanded learning opportunities," said FAN CEO Joe Davis. "Studies show that there are tremendous benefits when youth participate in structured experiences after the school bell has rung, and USTA Florida's after-school curriculum is an ideal way for kids to learn while also being active and having fun."

The collaboration will target various venues including schools, parks and recreation, YMCAs, Boys and Girls Clubs, not-for-profit community programs, and collaborative efforts which include a combination of partners.

"The FAN partnership supports our strategic initiatives of growing and fostering recreational youth tennis programs via play opportunities such as Kids' Tennis Clubs and Play Days," said USTA Florida Associate Executive Director Andy McFarland. "Working with FAN to identify a number of after-school provider sites will help us achieve our organization's mission."

Highlights of the partnership include:

  1. After-school program representatives attending USTA Florida information, education and training sessions or workshops
  2. After-school programs registering as an active Kids' Tennis Club
  3. After-school programs receiving additional resources and equipment, including professional training/educational sessions led by national trainers at their home facility, starter Youth Tennis equipment (age-appropriate balls, tennis rackets, other teaching aids), and various Kids' Tennis Club resources
  4. Local and state staff support to ensure quality tennis delivery and evaluations
  5. Opportunities to attend regional, state and/or national tennis workshops/conferences
  6. Scholarship opportunities from USTA Florida for facility staff to attend workshops/conferences

"By becoming actively-involved USTA Florida organizational members, we will have open dialogue and also be able to more effectively track the progress of the Kids' Tennis Clubs. In turn we can better support the kids and the facilities," said USTA Florida Recreational Tennis Coordinator Carla Williams.

For more information on Kids Tennis Clubs or creating after-school or out-of-school tennis opportunities, visit www.ustaflorida.com/schools. To learn more about the Florida Afterschool Network go to www.myfan.org.