Journal of Expanded Learning Opportunities

Explore the inaugural issue of The Journal of Expanded Learning Opportunities (JELO). The JELO is a peer-reviewed, online, open-access publication of the Central Valley Afterschool Foundation. The mission of The JELO is to foster the dissemination of scholarly research and deeper learning from a variety of disciplines related to out-of-school or expanded learning time. This work was spurred by the interest of program practitioners, educators, community members, and young people in the Central Valley of California. As more 
experts joined the conversation, the discussion grew to incorporate research and programs within California and throughout the nation. The JELO will connect research and practice throughout the nation, fostering a dialogue that engages researchers and practiioners in the field. The JELO does this by seeking articles that make important connections to the Learning and Afterschool and Summer (LIAS) principles, which promote the common concepts essential in expanded learning time.  
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