Massachusetts Afterschool Partnership

The Massachusetts Afterschool Partnership (MAP) works to ensure every child in Massachusetts has equal access to high-quality out-of-school time programming after school, before school and during the summer months. Established in 2003, MAP is the only statewide 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Massachusetts dedicated to expanding afterschool and extended learning opportunities for school-age children, youth, families and communities.

  • After the FY2015 budget season, MAP and its network was successful at growing funding for Afterschool and Out of School Time Line Items as well as engaging more network partners along the way. The Quality Enhancements in Afterschool and Out of School Time grant was funded at $1.75M and every line item that MAP supports in its budget ask was increased. This was increased during the FY2016 budget season to $2.31 million ($630,000 more than the FY15 amount).

  • At the end of the legislative session, MAP and its partners advocated for the establishment of a task force that would explore the best ways to establish career plans for all sixth graders in Massachusetts. This bill was passed in December of 2014.

  • MAP partnered with youth serving organizations from across the Commonwealth to draft and pass legislation that would establish a task force “Protecting Massachusetts Children against Child Sexual Abuse.” This task force will work towards developing guidelines and tools for youth serving programs to prevent and address sexual abuse acts. The task force will also develop a five year plan for using community education to increase awareness about this all important issue. MAP is specifically named to this task force in the general law. 

  • The work of the Afterschool and Out of School Time Coordinating Council was also continued this year. The council along with MAP prepared and released an issue brief on the benefits of expanded learning opportunities.

  • Last spring, MAP teamed up with the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council. Acknowledging an increasing interest in Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) curricula, MAP worked with the MA Department of Higher Education (DHE) to incorporate afterschool as a strategy in its yearly report.

Current Projects and Initiatives: 
  • MAP plans to continue and build off of much of the work that is outlined above. A new initiative that MAP will be building off of in the coming months is a resource mapping project with the department of higher education and specifically the regional STEM networks in each region in Massachusetts. MAP has engaged the STEM council regarding the best ways to identify resources and maintain a data system that can assist STEM partners across the state identify and locate afterschool programs in any region. MAP has also worked with the Department of Higher Education to make this kind of data mining a requirement into the STEM network’s RFP. With this as a requirement into the next year, MAP will have a ready-made organization to build its STEM constituency through.
  • Along with the Afterschool and Out of School Time Coordinating Council, MAP will be working to pass an amendment to the budget that would allocate extra funding through the Afterschool and Out of School Time Line Item to start a data pilot program that would ask school districts to apply for funding with the understanding of an MOU that they would share school data with out of school time programs. The total allocation will be $100,000 and the schools that apply for the pilot will be selected by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The participating cities will provide models for the future expansion of data sharing models.