Northeast Network Webinars

Participating Networks


Over the past two years, the Northeast statewide afterschool networks have held a series of meetings to discuss policy issues, brainstorm strategies, share resources, build relationships with each other and discuss network operational issues. As a result, the networks decided to pool resources and develop a webinar series on such topics as summer learning, health and wellness and STEM.

Collaborative Steps

  • After conducting a needs assessment and surveys across state lines, the networks identified top webinar topics and each network volunteered to lead one for all eight states.
  • The networks covered more topics in afterschool and expanded learning than they otherwise would have been able to and reached across state lines in their breath of impact.
  • Additionally, instead of investing in eight individual Web accounts, the cost was split eight ways.


As a result of the collaboration, the networks experienced a broader knowledge base, operational and substantive efficiencies, budget savings, shared resources and tools and a great way to deepen commitment to network colleagues and the greater work in afterschool and expanded learning.