Nevada Afterschool Network

Because young people spend 80% of their waking hours outside of school, the Nevada Afterschool Network (NAN) is dedicated to improving public awareness, support for quality programming, resources for parents, and ensuring access for all of the youth of Nevada in those out-of-school hours. NAN serves as a hub for advocacy, public awareness, collaboration, and partnerships to advance out-of-school time programming.

Current Projects and Initiatives: 
  • Nevada Afterschool Network is committed to providing a structural network through the development of cooperative partnerships resulting in quality out-of-school time programs. This includes ensuring quality technical support, professional development, sustainable funding and advocacy to promote strong policy for out-of-school-time programs at the local, county, regional and state level.

  • Quality Standards focus includes:

    • Human & Community Relationships; Health, Safety & Security; Program Management; Diversity & Inclusion; Professional Development
    • Environment & Curriculum

  • The Nevada Afterschool Network partners with numerous agencies to ensure that the professional development needs of our OST programs in Nevada are met. 

  • On-going mapping of OST programs across the state continues.