Connecticut After School Network

The Connecticut After School Network is a partnership of individuals and organizations promoting young people’s safety, healthy development and learning outside the traditional classroom. Our vision is that every Connecticut child and youth will have the opportunity to participate in high quality, affordable after school programs.

  • The Network’s advocacy efforts secured new funding of $1 million dollars from the Tobacco Settlement Fund for one-year grants to after school programs and $300,000 for a pilot Summer Learning Grant program.
  • In addition, the Network successfully led the fight to preserve the state-funded After School Grant Program, $4.5 million that supports two-year competitive grants to schools and community based agencies and serves more than 5,000 students. Network staff coordinated outreach efforts and members met with legislators all across the state. Twenty-six organizations and individuals submitted written testimony in support of afterschool funding, many more than in any previous year.
  • The Network released the “Literacy Strategies After School: A Teaching and Learning Strategies Guide,” prepared by Dr. Helen Abadiano, CCSU Professor and Chair of the Reading and Language Arts Department in the School of Education & Professional Studies. The document is available free online here.
  • The Network held 74 workshops on-site for after school programs reaching 1,827 staff as part of their training service. 

  • The Network held seven monthly workshops on special topics, including grant-writing, Americans with Disabilities Act, legal issues, managing challenging behaviors, and promoting healthy lifestyles.

  • The Network held its 25th Anniversary celebration in conjunction with its Annual Fall After School Conference for 250 participants, including 30 workshops on a wide variety of topics related to the theme of “Sparking Passion and Fueling Interest.”

  • The Network collaborated with 18 other partners for the annual Childhood Conversations conference, which focused on year-round learning.

  • The Network Board of Directors and staff conducted an intensive strategic planning process that has resulted in a new plan for 2015-2017 to continue their existing work and expand and strengthen their policy, communications and quality support work in the next three years.

Current Projects and Initiatives: 
  • The Connecticut After School Network continues to be the premier provider of professional development for those who work in the after school and summer programs in Connecticut. From orientation training for high school students working with younger students, workshops for front-line staff, supervisors, and program managers, all the way to strategic planning retreats for board members, the Network is the place to turn for all your training needs.