Wyoming Afterschool Alliance

The Wyoming Afterschool Alliance (WYAA) was created to support and promote quality school-based and school-linked afterschool programs focused upon improving positive youth outcomes for youth and families throughout the state.

  • WYAA was able to promote legislation change for Wyoming Bridges funding through the state education committee in January 2015.  Our efforts began in 2014. Our initial sponsor was Senator Chris Rothfuss and there were several co-sponsors. The change in legislation created more flexibility in how funds could be used for extended day (afterschool). Previously, summer school remediation was required to come first, and then school districts could use what was left for extended day instruction. Now, it reads that school districts have the choice to choose either one in no particular order.

  • WYAA created and developed a partnership with our Early Education leaders to design Program Quality Standards from zero to age 18.  We are currently working on Phase 1 of this work.

  • WYAA received final approval on the Afterschool and Youth Development Credential in Wyoming to be taught at Central Wyoming College.  Each course is 3 college credits for a total of 9 credits. Class begins in May 2015.

  • WYAA received a contract with Wyoming Department of Education to facilitate APAS training to all 21st CCLC sub-grantees including all data collection and project management.

Current Projects and Initiatives: 

Projects include:

  • Informal STEM Initiative with Noyce Foundation to implement a pilot project across the state.

  • Leadership Development.