Ignite Afterschool

Ignite Afterschool advances policy and reserach, promotes quality afterschool programming and strengthens partnerships to ensure that all of Minnesota's youth have access to out-of-school learning opportunities that help them successfully learn, develop and contribute.

Current Projects and Initiatives: 
  • Ignite Afterschool continues to lead a statewide coalition of partners in a joint effort to increase state investments in afterschool programs.
  • The network is working with partners around the state to increase statewide access to professional development opportunities that build quality and align with the new effective practices guidebook, Believe It. Build It.
  • Ignite Afterschool continues to co-host the Ignite Afterschool and MN STEM Network Joint Taskforce which is working to create a framework to improve the quality and availability of STEM learning opportunities in afterschool settings. 
  • Ignite Afterschool launched a “regional igniter” partnership model to engage afterschool stakeholders across the state. Potential partners are encouraged to contact the Regional Igniter in their part of the state.
  • The network launched Believe It. Build It. Minnesota’s Guide to Effective Afterschool Practices Minnesota now has a shared language and framework to support afterschool programs quality improvement efforts.