Beyond School Bells

The mission of Beyond School Bells - Nebraska's Statewide Afterschool Network - is to improve access to and quality of Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELOs) by building partnerships, working toward smarter state and local policy, increasing conversations and engaging educators and parents.

Current Projects and Initiatives: 
  • Beyond School Bells is dedicating to improving access to and quality in Nebraska’s ELO programs by building partnerships and addressing state and local policy that affects these vital initiatives.

  • Beyond School Bells watches the national scene, make recommendations, pull the right people to the table, and support ELO system-builders and educators as they strive to make build an educational system that better serves all Nebraskans.

  • Beyond School Bells also leverages partnerships to help policy makers understand what makes quality ELO programs, how these programs are financed, how they can engage the strengths of all Nebraska communities and, ultimately, what these programs can do to enhance outcomes for all Nebraska students and our future economy.