OregonASK is a collaboration of public and private organizations and community members which seek to address common issues and concerns across all out-of-school time services – child care, recreation, education and youth development. The mission of OregonASK is to support, expand and advocate for quality out-of-school time programs and activities for children, youth, and families throughout Oregon.

  • In February 2015, OregonASK hosted a Summer Learning Summit with funding from the National Conference of State Legislatures to raise awareness about summer learning and to support House Bill 2650. The bill, if passed by the Oregon Legislature, would create funding for summer learning programs at up to 140 under-performing schools in Oregon. 

  • Each year OregonASK holds an Afterschool Day at the Capitol, where program staff from around the state have the opportunity to visit to the Capitol building and meet with their legislators to advocate on behalf of afterschool.


  • OregonASK provides quality improvement support to several programs, including the YMCA of Columbia Willamette, the Woodburn Afterschool Club, and the Salem-Keizer Education Foundation. 

  • In partnership with the PEAR Institute at Harvard, OregonASK trained and certified a cadre of eight observers on the Dimension of Success observation tool. The Dimensions of Success tool defines twelve indicators of STEM program quality in out-of-school time. 

  • In November 2014, OregonASK hosted the annual Oregon Afterschool Conference, which brought more than three hundred afterschool directors, staff, and advocates together for a full day of professional development workshops and trainings.

  • OregonASK has embarked on a Training Roadshow, brining our resources and professional development trainings to programs all around the state of Oregon. We have linked our Roadshow trainings to local STEM Hubs, and paired our Roadshow stops with Oregon Girls Collaborative Project forums.

Other Afterschool Systems-Building Work: 

  • OregonASK has developed a second year of our Health and Wellness curriculum, and compiled an array of STEM curriculums designed specifically for afterschool. OregonASK has offered hundreds of hours of training on these curriculums to frontline staff at 57 different programs. 

Current Projects and Initiatives: 
OregonASK has four major initiatives:
  • Program Quality and Support - OregonASK offers technical assistance, training and professional development to Oregon’s expanded learning opportunities (ELOs) through the Oregon Afterschool Conference, a full day of professional development for front-line staff and program managers; the Oregon Afterschool and Summer Program Standards, Competences, and Outcomes, which are used to promote and improve the quality of ELOs throughout the state; by helping school age programs enroll in the Quality Rating Improvement System; and by offering accessible trainings on curriculum content and behavior management to front line staff.
  • Summer Learning: The SL3 Project - OregonASK’s Summer Learning, Summer Library, Summer Lunch Project, a collaboration with the National Summer Learning Association, Oregon State Library, the National Summer Food Program, and community partners, works with high-need schools to keep their libraries open throughout the summer, offering students book checkout, free books through SKEF Bazillion Books for Kids, and expanded learning opportunities.

  • Health, Safety, and Nutrition - OregonASK, with experts from the Oregon Dairy Council, Pacific University, and the Woodburn School District, has developed and piloted an elementary Health and Wellness curriculum tailored to suit the needs of ELOs. The two-year curriculum, toolkits and training will be made available statewide coming 2015.

  • STEM - In collaboration with statewide partners, OregonASK convenes the Oregon Girls Collaborative Project: community leaders, education professionals, and industry partners working to cultivate strong practices for engaging young girls in STEM fields. OregonASK has also embarked on digital badge exploration and pilots for 12 organizations. 

  •  For two years OregonASK has worked in collaboration with the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA) to keep the doors of local school libraries open throughout the summer. In 2012 OregonASK supported four libraries in keeping their doors open, and during the summer of 2013 fourteen libraries were supported. Libraries offered free books, prizes and activities to students, and the majority of sites were connected to the USDA Summer Meal program. In 2013 over 1,000 students were given access to more than 7,000 books. OregonASK and NSLA plan to expand this work in the future. To learn more, and see the 2013 Outcomes Report, click here. 

  • OregonASK and its partners have collaborated to create a Health and Wellness Toolkit and Afterschool Curriculum. These tools support afterschool programs in providing health and wellness education, activities and opportunities to their students. During the 2013-2014 school year, the Health and Wellness Curriculum will be piloted at the Woodburn After School Program. Click here to access the Health and Wellness Toolkit and learn more about the Health and Wellness Curriculum. 

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