Virginia Partnership for Out-of-School Time

VPOST, the Virginia Partnership for Out-of-School-Time, is a statewide public-private partnership dedicated to developing and expanding academic, social, emotional, and physical supports and services to school-age children and youth across the Commonwealth of Virginia during the out-of-school time hours – before-school, after-school, vacation periods, and summer.

Current Projects and Initiatives: 


  • Institute effective leadership and management policies and procedures.
  • Develop an effective resource plan to ensure sustainability.
  • Foster partnerships that engage diverse stakeholders.
  • Implement a well-developed communication and outreach plan


  • Guide local and state level OST policy to coordinate resources that lead to sustainable OST programs.
  • Develop and implement a public policy agenda and engagement plan for policy makers.


  • Establish a set of standards, ethics, and core competencies that are recognized statewide for high quality OST programs.
  • Develop best practices, core competencies, and an ethic statement to guide high quality programming.
  • Develop opportunities for organizations, agencies, providers, and youth to review and approve the quality model.
  • Develop and implement a procedure for the endorsement or adoption of the quality model.
  • Develop professional development resources that support the quality model.
  • Develop a process for evaluating the impact of quality standards.