Quality Standards


Toolfind is a free directory designed to help professionals in youth-serving programs find measurement tools for up to 11 youth outcome areas.
A suite of products designed to help afterschool directors, coordinators and staff create and sustain high-quality, effective afterschool programs.
A tool serving to help programs chart their progress in areas of program management, linkages and participation.
This self-assessment tool provides an opportunity to utilize a common set of standards to assess, plan, design and execute strategies for ongoing program improvement.
This self-assessment tool provides a checklist to determine the effectiveness of an afterschool program in 10 key areas.
A complement to the standards of excellence document, this provides a checklist to be used during evaluation at program sites
A brochure listing all 144 NAA Standards within 36 keys and six categories.
A new tool to promote quality in afterschool in Kansas.
This tool provides programs, communities and stakeholders with ways to begin the important discussions about program quality.
This User's Guide offers practical insight on the self-assessment tool and process, and aids in quality improvement and planning efforts for afterschool programs.
This self-assessment tool is available to help state leaders identify the strengths, opportunities and gaps in their current system of quality supports for school-age programs.
This document is a guide designed to be used in conjunction with other existing resources to help program staff and supervisors improve their practice and program quality.
This guide accompanies the QSA Tool, and providers users of the tool with strategies and resources for implementing this assessment in programs.
This guide was designed to compare the purpose, structure, content and technical properties of several youth program quality assessment tools.