Quality Standards


A research brief on recruiting, selecting, training and conducting peer reviews.
A tool kit offering instructions for implementing and adhering to the four components of the elements of effective practice.
NC CAP outlined nine quality indicators for afterschool programs. This self-assessment tool provides questions and planning tools for programs to self-evaluate their progress in these nine areas.
A toolkit providing sets of questions to measure outcomes common to many afterschool programs aimed at promoting positive youth development.
A report providing the academic, youth development and prevention performance measures used by out-of-school time programs to assess their progress.
Tools and resources published by the Utah Afterschool Network to promote quality in afterschool.
The rubric allows programs to self-assess their quality in a variety of categories and make a plan for program quality improvement.
The AzQSAT is a comprehensive self-assessment tool designed specifically for out-of-school time programs in Arizona.