Wisconsin Afterschool Network

The Wisconsin Afterschool Network (WAN) is a vehicle for bringing together policymakers, educators, childcare providers, youth development workers, program developers, advocates, parents and others interested in improving outcomes for children and youth through school-aged afterschool programs.

  • Marshfiled Clinic was the recipient of a $378,300 AmeriCorp grant, which will be used to pay for 30 AmeriCorps members who will help disadvantaged students participating in afterschool programs in 37 rural northwestern counties. 

  • WAN secured a two-year contract from the Wisconsin Department of Children’s and Families to provide specific support to school-age programs in Wisconsin’s childcare rating system, YoungStar.

  • WAN was contracted by the City of Madison to rewrite the school-age teacher assistant course.

  • WAN in partnership with UW-Milwaukee has been providing two non-credit classes, Guiding Children’s Behavior and School-age Curricular framework classes for school-age YoungStar Programs.

  • WAN was contracted by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to complete a professional development needs assessment for Wisconsin’s 21st CLC Programs.

  • WAN and its fiscal agent, Marshfield Clinic, worked with DPI to place AmeriCorps members in 21st CLC afterschool programs throughout central, northern and western Wisconsin. DPI supported each afterschool programs community cash-match.

Current Projects and Initiatives: 
  • WAN continues to oversee the delivery and approval of a 4-course 12 credit Wisconsin Professional Afterschool and Youth Development Credential.

  • WAN is working closely with Wisconsin Department of Children and Families to ensure school-age is represented in the Child Care Development Funds state plan.